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Public Announcement and Press Release MAIDENHEAD NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM

Maidenhead Neighbourhood Forum (MNF) is being established to continue the work undertaken to date by Maidenhead and Cox Green Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (MCGNP). We seek new members/representatives who are interested in joining us to examine issues and finalise planning policies which can be developed into a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for Maidenhead which will sit alongside the Borough-wide Local Plan (BLP) being developed by RBWM.

MCGNP was established about five years ago - originally by members of Maidenhead Town Forum. Geographically it covered the five unparished wards of central Maidenhead - Belmont, Boyn Hill, Furze Platt, Oldfield and Riverside - plus the parished Cox Green area. These wards are being rearranged for this year's Local Government Elections and will include the new ward of St Marys - making a total of six. The outer boundaries of these wards are largely unchanged - except that the Fisheries Estate south and east of Avenue Road has been moved into the area covered by Bray Parish Council. With that one exception, the area of the six wards covered by MNF is unchanged.

However current legislation regarding the NP process requires that Parish Councils submit their own NP and that unparished wards submit an NP through a Neighbourhood Forum. It is no longer considered legitimate to mix unparished wards with a Parish Council as was the case with MCGMP. Going forward Cox Green Parish Council will be responsible for their own NP, and a Maidenhead Neighbourhood Forum will be established for the six wards. It should be noted that the central six wards of Maidenhead represent a large and complex area - much greater than the average parish.

To be properly constituted and recognised by the Planning Authorities MNF requires a minimum of 21 members. Currently, MCGMP has a core of seven or eight active participants who will be transferring to MNF. They are primarily members of Maidenhead Civic Society and/or Maidenhead Waterways Group. They are also mature and male. We would like to welcome applicants who live and/or work in Maidenhead, male or female, from all ethnicities and age groups. We welcome applications from stakeholder or interest groups located within the six wards. We also welcome applications from elected councillors from the six wards - indeed the guidelines positively encourage the involvement of elected representatives. Applicants only need to care about their town and where it is going. Joining MNF is an opportunity to participate in drawing up guidelines and policies to complement and improve the upcoming Borough Local Plan.

Much has already been achieved by MCGNP which is reflected in a draft NP and the vast majority can be transferred into the MNF. Many policies have been drafted, but there is still much work required in finalising the policies, building up the evidence base and proceeding to the consultation stages. However, the next step is to establish the MNF which must be recognised as the legitimate interest group to formulate an NP. We need more interested individuals to make us truly representative. Please join us.

If you are interested please contact Martin McNamee - 
Acting Chair MNF by email at April 2019