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Plans for Maidenhead

Background Information

 Through the Localism Act, local areas are able to create a Neighbourhood Plans to guide future development in their area.  

There are several plans being initiated by the Council and below are details of what they are and what they are looking at. All the plans are designed to complement each other to rejuvenate Maidenhead and surrounding areas.  

Maidenhead Area Action Plan (2011)

 The AAP is the Maidenhead Area Action Plan, which is an Adopted Planning Document on future development opportunities within Maidenhead Town Centre, which was adopted in September 2011 by the Planning Inspectorate.

The Maidenhead Town Centre Area Action Plan (AAP) is a plan to rejuvenate Maidenhead town centre and the immediate surrounding area. It sets out to deliver attractive streets and places, new shops, homes, offices and leisure opportunities. This plan was developed by PRoM (Partnership for the Rejuvenation of Maidenhead), a body set up to guide future development opportunities within the Town Centre. 

A link to this document is listed below;-


Borough Local Plan (2014)

The Council is currently working on developing a new Borough Local Plan, in addition to the Neighbourhood Plans that are area specific. This Borough Local Plan is based over a 15 year period that will guide the type, how much and where development will take place within the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. The plan will contain planning policies, which will guide future development and defend appeals, which may occur across the whole of the borough boundaries.


This Maidenhead Neighbourhood Plan will complement the Area Action Plan for the Maidenhead and Cox Green area and you should I get involved.

A Neighbourhood Plan is our opportunity as residents to shape, through planning policies and influence the way in which our area will develop and look over the next 10-15 years up to 2026.

It is a one off opportunity to get involved and make a difference. learn more.....

The Government has made it clear that growth must be delivered – just retaining what we have is not an option. There will also be a presumption in favour of development that is “sustainable”. 

Producing a Neighbourhood Plan will help to make sure that decisions on development and growth will be based on your views – on what we want. That is why it is so important for you to get involved. 

The Maidenhead & Cox Green Neighbourhood Plan, when developed, will be tested in an examination and must be based on evidence gathered through research and consultation; and it will need to display a suitable level of community involvement to be successful.  We are creating teams of people to facilitate this and we need your help.