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A Neighbourhood Plan is a new type of planning document which gives members of the community, both residents, businesses and community groups the power to plan for their area, including:

  •          Choosing what homes will be delivered and where.
  •          Delivering the facilities and services needed to support the             community
  •          Protecting important aspects of the community.

The Council are involved in that they help guide the creation of Neighbourhood Plans but Neighbourhood Plans are driven and pulled together by the locals who get involved in them.


Once completed Neighbourhood Plans are subject to a community referendum and can be adopted by the Borough Council as the central decision-making document for planning applications in your neighbourhood.


The Maidenhead Neighbourhood Plan (MNP), along with the MaidenheadTown Centre’s  existing Area Action Plan (AAP) will feed into the Borough Local Plan (BLP) to shape the future of Maidenhead and Cox Green.  We need you to get involved.