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Provision of good roads, public transport and ancillary services such as parking are critical to prosperity and to the business of the town both jobs and shopping.

The increase in traffic due to office development and new housing has vastly increased the traffic flow around the town.

Commuting to and from schools in the wards with more working parents dropping off and collecting children means the building of drop off facilities needs to be considered in the school travel plans, along with adequate staff parking

Bus services should consider using smaller vehicles with more frequent services and phone a ride. We should also consider larger taxis doing more on demand grouped services with automatic routing with 6/8 seaters

Bikes should have better safer routes for young adults for their school runs. Bikes could be marked and recorded at time of purchase. Adequate and secure bike storage at schools, recreation centres, transport points and near shops and the town center must be provided.

We have to plan ahead for the next 15 years to provide a coordinated transport policy taking into account the arrival of Crossrail in 2018. A bus station at the railway station would help onward travel and must be part of the plan.

The proposed Southern Ring Road would ease congestion in the town centre, making it safer.

More affordable commuter parking will take vehicles off residential roads, making it safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Planning permission for housing and offices must include ample parking for residents workers and visitors.