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Community, Leisure and Environment is looking at various aspects of life which will or may affect us into the future. For example we have an immediate problem of a sudden rise of the birth rate in the area. For this reason we immediately need more school spaces.

Also we have a population which more often is living on their own either as young people, middle year singles or older. Collectively there is a problem across this population cohort of loneliness and isolation. We need to give some immediate thought to how the community can provide assistance to others to overcome these twin plagues.

Is it through a simple locally managed relationship such as Neighbourhood Watch or something a little more sophisticated where we can build local networks which can support people in a many  more one to one relationship, easily and effectively?

We are fortunate in the Thames Valley to have very pleasant and enjoyable countryside we are in danger of losing some of this and also some of the green space in the urban environment. Green Belt over Gardens or Playing Fields what is it to be?

Also will we need more parks and open space for more houses as the population grows we should plan the Parks, where are they to be on 15 years time, so that the housing is built around them, not over them.

The Arts also need thinking about we have Norden Farm but others would like another venue for Arts in the centre of Maidenhead. Can it be both? Would the existing population support two venues?

We are healthy than we were but into the middle years we become less fit, surprised! but we have to provide locations which will encourage the Maidonians to maintain or improve their fitness and stay healthy.

Combine fitness with meeting people, getting out and about could help us immediately address more than one of the areas above.

Importantly we look forward 15 years and seek approval next year on what we do in the next few months. It’s definitely a challenge.

Please join in its your town your future.