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Town Centre Working Group

This Group will be reviewing The Town Centre Capacity.

We will be building around 2,000+ flats in Maidenhead over the next few years along with more offices.  More dwellings in the town centre, less pressure to build on the Green Belt.

More offices in the Town Centre will increase demand for parking.  

But how high should these buildings go? If you say a maximum of 6 storeys, you won’t fit all the flats in, so you will certainly have to build on the Green Belt.  Your study concerning heights is likely to affect the critical path and actions of the other working groups.

We already know from recent major planning applications that the mix between retail, commercial and residential has certainly changed since the AAP was adopted in September 2011. 

The Council is currently conducting a Town Centre Retail Study, but we should be convinced that it mirrors our own findings and whether the amount and mix of uses are right.

You’ll talk to interested parties including the Chamber of Commerce, local employers and businesses.  You’ll review the Townscape Assessment and consider Maidenhead’s landmarks, historic gateways and key views, and produce a simple spatial plan that links the Wards to the Town Centre.

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