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Green and Blue Infrastructure

The aim of this working group is to produce a simple plan covering the Wards and the town centre, illustrating what green infrastructure and water body assets exist now, and your ambition for what might be achieved during the next 15 years

Connectivity is paramount between the Redevelopment Opportunity Areas in the Town Centre and the surrounding Wards, and it’s important that spaces and routes can be identified to make cycling and walking more attractive and convenient.

The Townscape Assessment, Ward Studies and the work carried out by The Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Group will provide valuable information

Identify sites that could be better connected through the town by way of new tree planting, and review the Waterways Planning Brief and identify how the river and streams in the town can connect with people.

Keep in mind how these all fit together and how it will work over many decades.

  • Town centre Green space - more population in the Town centre needs easily accessible green spaces.

  • Cycling routes to Town Centre - cycle access currently difficult and disconnected. Opportunities to improve?

  • Cycling routes between Maidenhead suburbs - the potential for an “outer ring” cycle route?

  • Green Corridors - eastern arm of the waterway ‘Ring’ ring to provide a new route for both people and wildlife

  • AAP developments - will offer opportunities to improve connectivity and green spaces

Cycle Routes
3 MARCH 2016