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The Area Action Plan  states that Maidenhead Town Centre will be a memorable place with striking architecture, and with a look and atmosphere which people will not only find attractive but appreciate and recognise as distinctive to Maidenhead. This will equally apply to the surrounding seven wards. 

It is therefore very important that the Maidenhead & Cox Green Neighbourhood Plan sets out the policies to help direct and control the appearance and quality of development, to protect what is valued, and to encourage development that will make a positive addition to the whole area.

The Design Working Group  should address built form, public realm, landscape and townscape.

A very important exercise for this Group is identifying buildings or roads that you want to retain. It could be the character of a street that is leafy, another has beautiful houses, views, pubs that are vital to the local community.  Any of these, with evidence, could be classed as buildings or roads of significant character, and would carry substantial weight in the planning process.

Development Town Centre
20 JULY 2017
South Road 0747
22 MARCH 2017
Ockwells & Lillibrook
4 AUGUST 2016

These two manor houses are on adjacent plots of land.  Lillibrooke is Grade II, listed, and used as an events venue whilst Ockwells in Grade I ...
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Room Sizes - the Case for Space
17 JUNE 2016
Your street - Your View
29 DECEMBER 2015

Over the last few years, we have seen the development of new housing styles in Maidenhead with the demolition of many larger homes in some parts be ...
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