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Design Policy
  • Building Heights - Generally 3-4 floors acceptable across the town, new taller buildings limited to the town centre?

    • Restricting the height of buildings helps to retain the character of Maidenhead.

  • Off road Parking - Allocate per new dwelling everywhere, including in the town centre, to minimise on-road problem?

    • Undercroft or basement parking for apartments and flats.
    • Allocated parking spaces.
    • For housing off street parking and garages wide enough for the design of cars.

  • Open Space - Homes with gardens outside the town centre, provide onsite or alternative provision if new apartments?

    • Gardens provide space in the streetscape which enhances Maidenhead as a place to live.

  • Room Sizes - To follow London RIBA minimum standards?

    • Riba space requirement are not just related to room size, they also relates to amenity space and locale.

  • No Building on the Flood Plain. Vigorously enforce existing restrictions?

    • The floodplain provides escape routes for flood water and differentiates different parts of Maidenhead.
    • Floodplains are also a valuable wildlife habitat.