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Development Policy

Character - protect valued key buildings, areas, views, existing greenery. Which are the most important ones?

Housing Mix - Avoid too many flats outside town centre, ensuring a supply of family housing with gardens?

Density - Building flats generates more dwelling units and helps achieve housing targets. But are the targets realistic?

Costs - Flats are cheaper to build and require less space, houses inherently more expensive

Affordability - should there be more "affordable" housing, or will increased supply help affordability for all?

Green Belt - should we protect the Green Belt at all cost, or are there marginal Green Belt areas that could be used?

Housing sites - are the locations identified in the Local Plan consultation for residential development correct?

Employment Sites - where do we relocate employment sites that are likely to be allocated for new housing?

Other Sites - With your local knowledge, do you know any other sites for housing or employment use?